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Eat Their Lunch

By Anthony Iannarino

"Do you know the feeling of having a wonderful, groundbreaking new product and a list of prospects who desperately need it, making it easy to close lucrative deals with minimal effort? Neither do I."

The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition, from the author of The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need and The Lost Art of Closing.

Your competitors may be tough, but with the strategies you'll discover in this book, you'll soon be eating their lunch. Order your copy today!

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Book Summary

Like it or not, sales is often a zero-sum game: Your win is someone else's loss. Most salespeople work in mature, overcrowded industries, your offerings perceived (often unfairly) as commodities. Growth requires taking market share from your competitors, while they try to do the same to you. How else can you grow 12 percent a year in an industry that's only growing by 3 percent?

It's not easy for any salesperson to execute a competitive displacement--or, in other words, "eat their lunch." You might think this requires a bloodthirsty "whatever it takes" attitude, but that's the opposite of what works. If you act like a Mafia don, you only make yourself difficult to trust and impossible to see as a long-term partner. Instead, this book shows you how to find and maintain a long-term competitive advantage by taking steps like:

  • Ranking prospective new clients not by their size or convenience to you, but by who stands to gain the most from your solution.
  • Understanding the different priorities for everyone in your prospect's organization, from the CEO to the accountants, and addressing their various concerns.
  • Developing a systematic contact plan for all those different stakeholders so you can win over the right people at the organization in the optimal sequence.

Your competitors may be tough, but with the strategies you'll discover in this book, you'll soon be eating their lunch.

What Others Are Saying

Why should you pay attention to Anthony? He has lived in and continues to live in the trenches just like you. He grinds it out with his own sales team—skipping meals and doing deals. Like so many great sales professionals who do hand-to-hand combat and consistently come out winners, he’s clear, to the point, and filters out all of the fluffy BS so that you can get to the truth.

In Eat Their Lunch, Anthony holds nothing back. You are going to get the unadulterated truth about why you are failing and not reaching your income goals. It will become crystal-clear why your competitors always seem to be getting the best of you.

Jeb Blount Jeb Blount Author of Objections and Fanatical Prospecting

Consider this a playbook for how to break into your competitor’s house and steal his prized possession.

Jeff Shore Jeff Shore president of Shore Consulting and author of Be Bold and Win the Sale

Just beating the competition is no longer acceptable. It’s about putting them in their place—second place—and keeping them there. Eating Their Lunch is direct, on point, and on the money. Your money.

Jeffrey Gitomer Jeffrey Gitomer author of The Little Red Book of Selling and The Sales Manifesto

Iannarino takes a deep and much-needed dive into territory we don’t like to admit exists: crowded, competitive, and challenging marketplaces. If youare reading this, that likely describes your world, so do yourself a favor and read this book.

Andrea Waltz Andrea Waltz coauthor of Go for No!

A deep, rich dive on selling to multiple stakeholders along with the practical mechanics for displacing your competitors.

Victor Antonio Victor Antonio founder of Sellinger Group

With buyers chasing price and brands focused on experience, Eat Their Lunch delivers a practical, step-by-step playbook to win business from your competition in a modern-day sales arena. If you are serious about dominating your own market, this is not only a ‘must read’ but also a ‘must do.’

Phil M. Jones Phil M. Jones author of Exactly What to Say and Exactly How to Sell

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